What kind of Legacy Film do you want?

Depending on your objectives and budget, you can choose from one of three movie packages. Each package is centered around our broadcast quality interviews that celebrate legacy and bring family history to life. Request our 2019 Packages & Pricing sheet by phone or online.

Our experience and defined process allow us to offer clients a menu of fixed prices from the outset. These are not estimates! Some of the factors that will determine the right movie package and the final cost are as follows:

  • Number of subjects: Is this for an individual or a couple?

  • Multi-media: Will the final film incorporate 30 or 300 photos? How about old footage? Will we need to convert older pictures and movies into digital formats?

  • Additional filming: Will there be any additional video shooting involved?

  • Additional edits: Will we create a 5- to 10-minute version of your Legacy Film to share with family and friends? Perhaps you want a feature-length 45-minute documentary?

How are movies delivered?

We create custom showcase websites for clients, which can easily be shared with friends and family who are geographically dispersed. These unlisted websites contain links to password protected pages on Vimeo.com where final hi-def movie files are stored and accessed. In addition, we provide clients with back-ups of their movie files on SD card.

You can see examples of our custom websites HERE and HERE.

DVD is considered out-dated technology. However, despite the reduction in picture quality (DVDs do not present movies in high definition), some clients still prefer viewing their movies in this format. We are able to accommodate clients who request DVD delivery, with a modest fee to cover the additional production (e.g., designing menu screens and programming DVD navigation). 

Rich, we were ‘blown away’ by your masterful interviewing of my mother! I never had doubt that my mother would enjoy the process and come across beautifully. You are so gifted and perfectly suited for this! You instilled incredible trust. I am so excited!! Thanks for your expertise and talent!
— Miriam, Baltimore MD

Charlie Rose expresses regret for never having interviewed his father.