A Gift for Parents

No gift is more meaningful than asking someone to share their story. As time goes by and we become overwhelmed with the chaos of day-to-day living, consider when you last invited a parent or grandparent to reflect and share. Has it been a year? A decade? Have you ever asked the important questions? With a Legacy Film, from Acknowledge Media, you are reminding Mom or Dad just how much you care. This is a rare opportunity to let a loved one celebrate his or her own journey, while also gaining the knowledge that their voice will have resonance after they’re gone.

A Gift for the Future

To know one’s legacy is to understand one’s place in the world. These days our children are losing that all important connection to the past, as families become geographically separated, community bonds weaken, and our oral tradition erodes. By recording the stories and insights of our elders (in their own voices), we build a critical bridge that links the past to future generations and gives our progeny a stronger sense of self.

A Gift for Ourselves

Each of us is living our own “hero’s journey,” defined by love, loss, struggles and rewards; leaving an indelible mark on our communities and the people who matter most. But as we get on in years, most of us become focused on preserving our personal belongings and financial assets. Too often, we overlook that which our family will hunger for most when we’re gone: our stories, our values, our insights, our silly humor, the essence of who we are. A Legacy Film is our opportunity to put it all out there and to know we’ve said what needs to be said.

On being a grandmother

Meeting my hero

Learning Japanese