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what is something major that you've accomplished how did you feel when your goal was attained, goal, vision, accomplishment, finished, complete, done, woohoo, achievement, achieve, persevere, objectives, tasks
does your birthday fall on any other holidays or special occasions, birthday, gift, present, occasion, holiday, charity, born
what is something you love most about your spouse partner, spouse, romantic, anniversary, occasion, partner, husband, wife, traits, characteristics, personality, looks, quirks
describe your general health, health, exercise, sickness, disease, injuries, injury, wellbeing, assessment, analysis
as you see it what are the biggest problems that face our nation and how do you think they could be solved, globe, world, problems, washington, DC, politics, policy, issues, challenges, fix, america, united states, democrats, republicans, conservative, liberal, democratic, principles
what inspires you, goal, vision, accomplishment, finished, complete, done, woohoo, achievement, achieve, persevere, objectives, tasks, inspirational, motivation, motivate
do you know the story of how your parents met, mother, father, mom, dad, parents, story, parenting, stories, anniversaries, anniversary, meetings, dates, dating
were there any fads during your youth that you remember vividly, growing, growth, maturity, mature, maturation, trends, fads, 1980s, 1990s, 1970s, 1960s, popular, hot, trendy
how far back can you trace your family lineage to which countries to what relatives, countries, lineage, ancestry, ancestors, families, emigrate, immigrate, war, parents, grandparents, great, mother, father, family, raise, raising, generations, generational, kids, grandkids, offspring, nurture, nurturing, country,
was there a chore you really hated doing as a child, house, housework, cleaning, laundry, cooking, mowing, landscaping, allowance, children, kids, behavior, amazing, parents, parenting, miracles, rearing, tots, little ones, jobs, work
if you were exiled what country would you choose as your new home, country, countries, island, live, resident, residence, abode, home, house, life, kicked out, emigrate, immigrate
what is the most important meal of the day why, food, kitchen, cooking, baking, culinary, skills, breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, snacks, snacking
would you consider yourself to be creative, personality, perception, characteristics, traits, ingenuity, smarts, artistic, creation, development, thinking
are you a volunteer with any organizations or groups which ones, causes, nonprofits, volunteerism, volunteering, charity, giving, philanthropy, doing
describe your wedding day, love, hate, heartbreak, crushed, emotions, sadness, melancholy, relationships, connection, interaction, dating, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, partner, puppy love, husband, wife, anniversary, anniversaries, honeymoon
any plans for the summer, summer, youth, memories, camp, seasons, fun, playing, recreation, friends, school, sleep, seasonal
what are you known for, identity, self, cause, job, profession, personality, personal, traits, characteristics
whats something you appreciate now about dad that you just didnt get when you were younger, family, raise, raising, generations, generational, kids, grandkids, offspring, nurture, nurturing, daddy, holidays, father
what are your bad habits, vices, evil, smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling, alcohol, cards, cigarettes
describe a time when you were afraid, fears, youth, scared, remembering
do you consider yourself to be a good communicator, interaction, communications, communicate, speaking, talking, dialogue
when you see an american flag what emotions does it elicit, patriotism, patriotic, colors, banners, america, country, nationalism, stars and stripes, holidays, memorials, war, veterans
if you could speak another language fluently what would it be, education, academics, regrets, intelligence, smarts, learning, words, communications
when did you first tell your spouse partner that you loved them who said it first, love, hate, heartbreak, crushed, emotions, sadness, melancholy, relationships, connection, interaction, dating, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, partner, puppy
what is the best and worst part of being your gender, male, female, gender, sex, benefits, genitals
what is something you are passionate about why, passion, die, beliefs, values, causes, interests, avocation, love, care, hobbies, hobby
how did you celebrate your last day of high school and or college, school, university, universities, advice, college, education, dormitory, dormitories, coeds, students, direction, growth, independence, summer, vacation, hooky
what is the most expensive purchase you ever made not including your home, extravagance, extravagant, costly, fantastic, wasteful, indulgent, excessive, expensive, expense, money, wealth, silly, steep, extreme, jag, shopping, buying
what is the first record or tape or cd that you ever owned, music, bands, preferences, concerts, singers, music, musicians, performers, showmen, stereo, tape, record, compact disc, CD
is war an inevitable element of human existence, war, tragedy, disasters, military, battles, skirmishes, soldiers, displacement, diaspora, holocaust, emigrate, holidays, memorial, death, sad, inevitability
if you owned a boat what would you name it, boat, ship, vessel, vehicle, mariner, marina, sea, water, ocean, pilot, skipper, purchase, expensive
were you spanked as a child did you spank your children, punished, punishment, corporal, smack, slap, timeout, regret, old days, bad, behavior, acting up
do you consider yourself a sexual person, romantic, nookie, bed, foreplay, woman, women, kissing, screwing, making love, passion
what is an experience that was terrible in the moment but that you are grateful for now, hardship, difficulty, growth, learning, event, maturity, experiential
what is something you got away with when you were young that your parents never learned about, mother, father, mom, dad, parenting, impishness, naughty, secrets, lies, bad, accidents, youth, reckless
does summer still hold the excitement for you that it did when you were younger, summer, youth, memories, camp, seasons, fun, playing, recreation, friends, school, sleep
what is your idea of splurging, extravagance, extravagant, costly, fantastic, wasteful, indulgent, excessive, expensive, expense, money, wealth, silly, steep, extreme, jag, shopping, buying
has anyone close to you died in a war or on behalf of their country how do you honor them, war, tragedy, disasters, military, battles, skirmishes, soldiers, displacement, diaspora, holocaust, emigrate, holidays, memorial
do you have any life long friends what do you appreciate most about them, friendship, friends, define, meaning, appreciate, love, like, buds, pals, amigos, dawgs, posse
what advice would you give someone who is about to become a grandparent, family, raise, raising, generations, generational, kids, grandkids, offspring, nurture, nurturing
what advice would you give someone who is experiencing grief, agony, anguish, bereavement, despair, discomfort, gloom, heartache, heartbreak, melancholy, misery, mourning, pain, regret, remorse, sadness, sorrow, trouble, unhappiness, woe
what advice would you give someone who is starting a new job, job, career, profession, terminated, fired, let go, axed, confrontation, work, passion, wages, salary, benefits, desk
what advice would you give someone who is having their first child, children, kids, behavior, amazing, parents, parenting, miracles, rearing, tots, little ones, babies, infants, birth, sex, procreation
what advice would you have for someone who is buying their first home, house, living, space, relaxation, comfort, abode, quarters, apartment, flat, condo, residence, purchases, buying, money, regret
what advice would you give someone who is getting married, matrimony, wedding, bliss, marriage, unions, pledges, oath, forever, spouse, husband, wife, partner, love, together
what advice would you give someone who is leaving for college, school, university, universities, advice, college, education, dormitory, dormitories, coeds, students, direction, growth, independence
what is the best hairstyle youve ever had, looks, physical appearance, hairdo, chic, gel, shampoo, barber, stylist, fashion
did you ever cheat on a test or an assignment were you ever caught, school, education, subjects, dishonesty, lies, cheating, trouble, principals office, plagiarism, work
if you were appearing on jeopardy what categories would you absolutely crush, game shows, cheers, television, quiz, test, cliff, trivia, intelligence, smarts, intellect, random knowledge, tv, alex trebek
what toppings make the perfect ice cream sundae, dessert, sweets, goodies, addictions, sugar, food, meals, chocolate, vanilla, sprinkles, jimmies, whipped cream, habits, tooth, cold, frozen
has the reality exceeded your expectations, self assessment, contemplation, contemplative, hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals, vision, life, journey, road
have you ever been the victim of an animal attack, traumatic, painful, wild, beast, transformative, outdoors, pets, camping, near death, fangs, teeth, claws, bear, dog, cat, ouch
whats something you appreciate now about mom that you just didnt get when you were younger, mother, relationships, learning, hindsight, holidays, youth, family, parents, parenting, children, growth, maturity, nurture, motherhood, maternal
what is your favorite genre of music, preferences, choices, superlatives, best, least, tunes, sounds, rock, jazz, classical, radio, audio, hearing
how did you learn that santa claus er um may not be 100 real do not say its from this question, holidays, christmas, memory, memories, truth, lies, kids, children, stories, story, discovery, find out, st nick, fat, jolly, red, heartbroken, crushed
if you could be the spokesperson for a brand or company of your choice which would you choose, represent, representative, PR, hype, front, corporate, business, marketing, advertising, choice, values, ideals, ethics
have you turned into one of your parents, growing, growth, maturity, mature, maturation, irony, ironic, reflective, reflection, help, omg, metamorphosis, relatives, mom, dad, mother, father, kids, denial
what is something youve done that was highly embarrassing, red-faced, red, face, sheepish, shy, regret, fail, emotion, action, story, d'oh, crazy
how was your family impacted by world war II what did the end of the war mean for your family, war, tragedy, disasters, military, battles, skirmishes, soldiers, displacement, diaspora, holocaust, emmigrate
do you thrive in large social situations or do they make you feel uncomfortable, anxiety, fears, networking, friends, peers, people, crowds, strength, thrive, enjoy
share a story from when you were in school, story, youth, young, reflection, family, student, teachers, grades, report cards
do you have any lucky objects, superstition, possessions, things, beliefs
are there certain movies you like to quote which one, movies, films, cinema, art, theater, recreation, entertainment, actors, actresses, imitate, imitation
have you ever performed in a talent show what did you do, music, bands, preferences, concerts, singers, music, musicians, performers, showmen, student, school, youth, young
the beatles or the rolling stones michael jackson or prince britney or christina, music, bands, preferences, concerts, singers, music, musicians, performers, showmen
you just won the power ball lottery what are the first 3 things you do, wealth, money, wishes, dreams, finances, actions, grants, investment, savings, save
what is your favorite room in your home, house, living, space, relaxation, comfort, abode, quarters, best, apartment, flat, condo
do you prefer sunrises or sunsets, day, night, astronomy, space, stars, earth, nature, scenery, outdoors, warmth, light, time
what is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning, sleep, awake, morning, dreams, hopes, thoughts, visions, fears, desires
when did you first live on your own, home, house, responsibility, growing up, maturity, mature, leaving
do you hold grudges, hate, resentment, feelings, disposition, anger, mean, get back, letting go
does prolonged silence make you feel uncomfortable, quiet, awkward, silent, talking, conversation, communications, interaction, relationships, ease, relax
do you consider yourself an introvert or extravert, personality, perception, outgoing, shy, coy, networking, relationships, communications
how old were you the first time you saw snow do you remember the experience, weather, cold, freeze, freezing, snow, white, frost, crystals, temperature, precipitation, rain, warmth, sleet, youth, memories
do you talk to yourself, conversation, contemplation, contemplative, insight, inward, speech, vocal, alone, calm, solo
are we alone on this rock or does alien life exist somewhere else in the universe, mars, science, space, NASA, technology, aliens, life, galaxy, extraterrestial, big questions, planets, astronomy
how many pillows do you sleep with, beds, sleep, nighttime, preferences, dreams, waking, awake
what is one of your most prized possessions, valuable, object, meaningful, heirloom, keepsake, memento
mondays time to tackle the week or back to the grind, mondays, weeks, workweek, motivation, job, career, vocation
what is a childhood memory you have connected to easter, easter, sunday, holiday, eggs, bunny, memories, family, hunts
fat refund or do you still owe, taxes, income, IRS, audit, pay, money
do you know any prayers or religious scripture by heart would you share a favorite, religion, religious, faith, spirituality, prayer, psalms, Hebrew, christian, jewish, muslim, islam, god, holy, holiness
do you have any superstitions, habits, beliefs, believe, quirks, notion, idea, fear, irrationality
what if anything do you miss about childhood, childhood, remembering, longing, youth, kids, children
what invention do you hope to see in your lifetime, inventions, technology, creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, easier, easy, change, changing, better, science, life, future, ideal
why is this night different from all other nights, passover, exodus, four questions, seders, holidays, pesach, moses
if you could steal one thing without consequences, what would it be, rob, steal pilfer, purloin, embezzle, filch, burglarize, cheat, defraud, heist, swindle, take, snitch, rip off, shoplift
have you ever forgotten an important occasion like an anniversary or spouse's birthday, spouse, romantic, gaffe, whoops, birthday, anniversary, occasion, forget, mistake, slip, error, partner, husband, wife
what is one of your all time favorite movies, movies, films, cinema, art, theater, recreation, entertainment, actors, actresses
have you ever had your heart broken by someone, love, hate, heartbreak, crushed, emotions, sadness, melancholy, relationships, connection, interaction, dating, girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse, partner, puppy love
are you a good liar, dishonesty, truth, fibs, misleading, lies, falsehoods, fronts, facades
if you could ask your future self one question what would it be, contemplate, knowledge, foresight, insight, prudence, anticipation, carefulness, carefulness, cautions, circumspection, clairvoyance, discernment, foreknowledge, forethought, perception, precaution, precognition, preconception, premonition, prescience, providence, far-sightedness, long-sightedness
what is a memory you have from the ballpark, baseball, sports, arenas, stadiums, competition, athletics, teams, childhood
have you ever jumped out of a plane would you ever jump out of a plane, plane, skydiving, jump, altitude, adventure, risk, dares, flying, fears
what is the best trick you ever played on someone, april, fools, tricks, guile, sneaking, holidays, pranks
do you like your steak cooked through or bloody or no red meat for you, food, meals, vegetarians, vegan, paleo, health, choices
is there anything about the opposite sex you just dont understand or comprehend, relationships, spouses, partners, wives, wife, husbands, relationships, connection, connecting, dating, dates, girlfriends, boyfriends, mates, comprehension, insight
if you were to join one of the armed forces which would it be why, military, army, navy, air force, marines, coast guard, national, patriotism, patriotic, war, fighting, battles, world, civics, duty, honor, country
do you enjoy dancing, recreation, dance, movement, body, expression, music, fun, pastimes, art, arts, artist, jumping, rhythm, exercise
what kind of relationship do you have with food, connection, health, repast, meals, desserts, weight, medical, eating, dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacking, snacks, munchies
what’s one of your favorite habits you have, practices, preferences, routines, activity, activities, enjoy
do you think its better to get married when youre young or better to wait a while, relationships, wedding, spouses, partners, nuptials, love, youth, maturity, mature, wives, wife, husbands
what's a favorite question for getting a conversation started, talking, discussion, interaction, connection, communication, speaking, PR, ice, hello, networking, parties, party, mixers, together, meetings
have you ever appeared on a television show or in a movie, TV, acting, pretending, fame, cinema, film, theaters, performance, experiences
whats something you wish everyone knew about you, personality, traits, surprises, characteristics, hope, me, myself
do you believe in karma, destiny, outcomes, beliefs, values, purpose, religion, hope
do you have any enemies, relationships, bad, hate, connection, angry, conflicting
chocolate or vanilla cup or cone, food, tastes, sweets, desserts, ice cream, goodies, junk, food, choices
have you ever performed in front of a large audience was the experience enjoyable, fear, scare, acting, performing, presentations, crowds, fright
how do you think other people regard you, personality, perception, connection, relationships, interaction
do you believe in love at first sight, romance, romantic, valentine, date, dating, emotion, spouse, connection, relationships
what do you do for fun, recreation, relaxation, free, time, play, vacation, sports, games
what social class do you consider yourself or your family background to be in, society, income, economics, means, perception, access, wealth, money
have you ever seen a therapist, psychiatrists, shrinks, health, medical, brain, chemical, personal, self, help
are you allergic to anything, health, medical, allergies, allergy
do you like to plan things out or be spontaneous, characteristics, traits, personality, personalities, fancy, schedules, agendas, preferences
what are some things that scare you, fear, afraid, terror, horror, actions, activities, emotion
whats a typical day like for you, activity, activities, schedules, plans, usual, regular, normal
what attributes of your father did you inherit, ancestry, dad, genes, characteristics, traits, family, relatives
would you recommend your job career to other people why why not, vocation, work, profession, professional, experience
what is one of the best meals you ever ate what made it so good was it about anything other than food, tastes, experiences, senses, repast, sustenance
ever been in a car accident what about an accident in another vehicle, pain, crash, injury, injuries, drive, driving, flying, automobiles, trains
were you named after anyone who, history, family, relatives, ancestry, ancestors
whats one of the scariest things youve ever done, scare, emotion, fear, afraid, acts, action, superlative
whats your favorite dessert, food, preferences, tastes, meals
whats the best gift youve ever given best youve ever received, birthday, gift, present, occasion, holiday, charity, generosity, age
were you born on a leap year, birthday, leap year, time
did you participate in team sports when you were younger what kind of player were you, sports, athletics, participation, athlete, teams
best gift youve ever received, gift, receive, present, birthday, reward, thanks
whats the farthest youve ever travelled from home, vacation, travel, destinations, home
are you a procrastinator, procrastinate, time, reflection, assessment
do you sleep well at night, sleep, night, dreams, content, angst, fear, nerves, stress
talk about a time that you were vulnerable, vulnerable, vulnerability, introspection, contemplative
how and where do you store old photos movies etc are they organized on display collecting dust, photographs, movies, films, keepsakes, family, storage, collect
what is a food that you detested as a child that you like today, food, preferences, tastes, meals
favorite cartoon animated character why, cartoons, characters, personality, animation, movies
how do you motivate yourself when was a time you had to motivate yourself, motivation, motivate, self, encourage, betterment, inspire, introspection
what is an important lesson you learned when you were young, lesson, learn, education, school, experience, young
what are your vices, bad habits, vices, drinking, smoking, drugs
what is the first concert you ever saw, music, concerts, shows, performances, live
valentines day hallmark holiday or an important day to celebrate love, valentines day, romance, heart, love, holidays, romantic, relationship, hallmark
are you a hopeless romantic whats something romantic that youve done, valentines day, romance, heart, love, holidays, romantic, relationship
what is a bad movie that you cant help but enjoy watching, movie, film, bad, enjoy
are you afraid of dying, death, dying, mortality, religion, god
do you tend to make decisions using your head or your heart, choices, decisions, head, heart
talk about one of the best days of your life, best, day, special, superlative, lifetime
do you swear a lot, swear, curse, bad, words, personality,
who was your first love, love, passion, friendship, romance, people
were you ever fired from a job why what happened, job, career, profession, terminated, fired, let go, axed, confrontation
from what sources do you get your information about the world, news, information, media, sources, opinions, facts, data
snow days good or bad, snow, vacation, rest, relaxation, school, time off
do you consider yourself to be a responsible person, responsible responsibility, self, assessment, contemplation, values
well what is the groundhog going to say, holidays, groundhog, animal, predict, winter
does travel to outer space interest you what would you do and where would you go, science, space, travel, stars, risk, fear
tell me a story about when you were young, story, youth, young, reflection, family
what is something most people wouldn't know about your/our family, random, unexpected, family, information
what is your favorite condiment, condiment, food, favorite, kitchen, cooking
what is something you regret not having done, regret, inaction
do you / did you work to live or live to work, work, career, calling, profession, occupation, live
do you believe in a personal god, god, religion, theology, beliefs
what kinds of things frustrate you, frustrate, frustration, reflection
do you consider yourself to be an organized person what systems do you use, organized, organization, systems, methods, reflection, contemplative
if you were going to be reincarnated as an animal what would you be, animal, reincarnation, life
how about the weather, weather, superficial, outside
french fries or onion rings, food, french fries, onion rings, side orders, kitchen
how can you be the change you wish to see, protest, activism, activist, movement, change
does change scare you, protest, activism, activist, movement, change
have you ever taken part in a protest, protest, activism, activist, movement, change
what kind of things make you feel sad, sad, upset, melancholy, feelings, down
have you ever been discriminated against what happened how did you feel, discrimination, feelings, bias, minority
favorite car you ever had why, car, automobile, transportation, ownership
of the five senses which do you cherish most, sense, touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing
describe a great date that you went on when you were single, date, young, single
any tattoos if not what would you get, attraction, tattoos, body art
what are some of the qualities in other people to which you are drawn, attraction, qualities, draw, personalities
did you / do you ever struggle with a disability or handicap, disability, handicap, struggle, challenges
what kind of a student were you back in the day, student, school,
best way to spend a lazy sunday, lazy, sunday, best
what do you like the smell of what do you hate the smell of, smell, odor, senses, tastes, likes
did you ever change your mind about something big what elicited that change, change mind, switch, ramifications
name a place to which youve always wanted to travel do you expect to travel there one day, travel, vacation, bucket list, geography
do you remember your phone number from when you were a child, childhood, phone number
do other people think you have an accent what words do they give you a hard time about, accent, opinions, pronunciation
what is something you probably shouldnt have done while under the influence of alcohol, alcohol, liquor, regrets, stupidity, influence
how did you usher in the new year do you have any new years traditions, new years, holidays, celebrations, traditions
do you have any goals for the year ahead what are they, new years, holidays, resolutions, goals
was it a good year for you how so, new years, holidays, resolutions, reflection
do you believe in new years resolutions, new years, holidays, resolutions, beliefs
tell me about some of the places where youve been happiest, locations, places, vacations, happy, happiest, peace
sour cream or apple sauce on your potato latkes, holidays, chanukah, hanukah, potato latkes, food
what do you typically do on christmas day (regardless of religion), holidays, christmas, memory, memories
share a special christmas memory, holidays, christmas, memory, memories
where do you want to be in five years from now, interviews, future, goals, vision
is there a cause that you would die for, passion, die, beliefs, values, causes
are your moods affected by the changing of the seasons, winter, seasons, moods, emotions, solstice
how nimble are you in the kitchen do you enjoy cooking or baking, food, kitchen, cooking, baking, culinary, skills
tell me about the day your first child was born, children, kids, behavior, amazing
what are some of your routines, routines, schedules, patterns
what makes you hopeful about the future, future, optimism, hopefulness
do you remember someone saying something to you that had a big impact on how you lived your life, advice, impact, words of wisdom
do you remember anything that your children did when they were small that really amazed you, children, kids, behavior, amazing
do you have any secrets that you intend to take to the grave, death, dying, mortality, secrets, sharing
what havent i asked you yet that i should be asking you, questions, asking, reflection, contemplation
what do you obsess about, obsess, worry
who is your favorite athlete athletes, sports, celebrity, favorite
are you a lefty or righty (ie with which hand do you write), handed, opposites
thoughts on global warming, environment, global warming, ecology, pollution
why are you living where you are today, home, geography, town, living, house
what emotions thoughts and/or reflections does the 1941 attack on pearl harbor evoke in you, pearl harbor, american history, world war ii, wwii, military, attack, armed forces
if you could go back in time when/where would you go, time travel, history
how did you decide on your career, job, career, profession, choices
what is your best impersonation lets hear it, keeping perform
crab or lobster (or allergic to shellfish or kosher), shellfish, crab, lobster, seafood, ocean
do your consider yourself a handy person, handy, self-analysis, fixing
favorite television shows when you were younger favorite tv shows today, television, tv, recreation
"i'm at my best when …", self-analytical, best
what charitable causes are of the greatest importance to you why, giving tuesday, charity, causes
how has technology empowered us, how has it hurt us, cyber monday, technology, computers
is there such a thing as free will, questions, deep, thinking, philosophy
do you see a chalice or two faces, perception, faces, see
what is your favorite sport to watch what is your favorite sport to play, sports, athletics, watching, participation
what are you thankful for, thanksgiving, holidays, memories, appreciation
dark or white meat or tofurky, thanksgiving, holidays, turkey, meat, food
what memories does the thanksgiving holiday evoke for you, thanksgiving, holidays, memories
will you see humans on mars in your lifetime, mars, science, space, nasa, technology
do you prefer having too much to do or not enough to do, to do, time, tasks, chores
do you remember your school song would you sing a few measures, school, singing, song
what are your thoughts on social media do you use it, social media, technology, facebook, computers
describe a challenge that you were able to overcome, challenge, overcoming, prevailing, obstacles, succeeding
what are a few adjectives that you would use to describe yourself, adjectives, description, self
can you recall your home addresses from when you were young, home, houses, address
"something i need to work on is …", self-analytical, challenge, improvement
do you consider yourself to be religious what does that mean, religion, religious, faith, spirituality
what famous people share your birthday, celebrities, celebrity, birthdays, famous
did you or has anyone close to you served in the military how do you honor those experiences today, veterans day, military, honor, soldiers, war
if you could immediately be proficient at something new, what would it be, skills, proficient, proficiency, talented
is voting your right or your duty, election day, presidents, civics, voting
who is the best president that has served in your lifetime why, presidents, election, civics
early riser or late to bed … or both, morning, night, bedtime
can you recite a poem, poetry, poem, recite, culture, art
when did you become aware of your own mortality was there a specific event, death, dying, mortality,
have you ever googled yourself, google, self, internet
can you perform any "stupid human tricks", stupid, tricks, perform, act
what was a pivotal choice that you made for better or for worse, choice, decision, crossroads
describe a standout costume you wore for halloween when you were young, halloween, costumes, dress, holidays
if you could play any musical instrument what would it be, music, instruments
will the cubs ever win another world series, sports, cubs, baseball
what was an activity around which you and a parent bonded describe what that looked like, bonding, parents, activities
what is your familys coming to america story, ancestors, ancestry, america, travel
what is something in your life that youve had to give up, sacrifice, resolutions, promises, give-up
what do/did you like most and least about your profession, job, profession, tastes
if you could have one superhero power what would it be why, hero, superhero, super-powers
get down or get on up, james brown, songs, get up, get down
what were your nicknames growing up do you have any today that you still go by, nicknames, monikers
what were some of your fears (big or small) when you were young, fears, youth
what do you think the world will look like in 50 years, predictions, world, society
do you have a favorite number why that, number, favorite
what does the word friendship mean to you, friendship, friends, define, meaning
you can get 10 minutes alone in a room with anyone (present or past) who would it be with anything else to add, alone in a room, past, present, questions
what is your favorite time of day, time of day, favorite
what kind of relationship do/did your parents have, parenting, parents, relationships
have you ever been arrested what happened, arrested, police, law
what was the first movie that you remember seeing in a theater, movies, theater
have you ever had a near-death experience, death, near-death, close calls
christopher columbus: hero or villain, columbus, hero, villain, holiday
winter or summer olympics, olympics, sports, winter, summer
is there anything you have always wanted to tell me but never have, confessions, tell me, secrets
how many of your great grandparents can you name, great grandparents, names
what is the first home you have memories in would you describe it, home, houses
what is one wish you have for your children when they reach your age, wishes, children, future
how did you meet your spouse or partner is there a story, spouse, husband, wife, meeting, dates
stuck on a desert island with only three books what would they be, desert island, books
what is a song you remember singing as a child would you mind singing a measure or two, youth, songs, singing
do you believe work is a means to an end or an end unto itself, work
what kind of funeral / ceremony do you want for yourself, death, die, religion
what is something you still don't know (that you believe you should), pride, embarassment, knowledge
what was better "back in the day" what is better today, better
sean connery roger moore pierce brosnan or daniel craig, movies, actors
]have you ever experienced a natural disaster firsthand, nature, disasters
if you got a (new) tattoo what would it be of, tattoos
what was your first real paying job, work, occupation, vocation, income
should you be focused on today or tomorrow, today, tomorrow, present
describe a time that you failed miserably, failure, admission
when you were little what did you want to be, work, occupation, vocation, income
on the first day of ruling the world what would you do, leadership, wishes
favorite season why, seasons
for what do you want to be remembered, death, die, religion, impact
talk about the first time you were on an airplane, airplane, travel, vacations
if you achieved all of your life’s goals how would you feel how can you feel that along the way, journey, goals, achievement
who was/is a great leader why, leadership, greatness
describe one of the most trying physical activities you ever engaged in, physical activity, athletics
how did you learn the twin towers had been attacked on 9/11 describe that day, war, tragedy, disasters, 9/11
star wars or star trek, movies
who is a philosopher that moves you why, philosophy, authors
describe your relationship with money, money, finances
if you could do it all over again what would you change, regrets, change, do-overs
in what ways are you crazy, crazy
whats the best book youve read so far this year ever, book, novel, authors
are you good at what you like or do you like what you're good at,
what is something enjoyable that you did this past week, recent, week, enjoyment
do you remember your first kiss how did it unfold, kiss, love, memories, relationships
what is something you believe to be true that most people do not, truth, belief,
do you have any regrets, regrets
what do you believe happens to us after we die, death, die, religion
who is one of your heroes why, heroes, mentors
growing up did you have a special hangout where you liked to spend time, hangouts, youth, places
what pets have you had their names, pets, animals
what was the most stressful experience that you ever lived through how did you get through it, stress, stressful, overcoming, struggle, hardship
what are the keys to a happy marriage, marriage, spouse, happiness, relationships
have you ever met a celebrity what happened, celebrity
what attributes of your mother did you inherit, mother, relationships, characteristics
have you ever been in a physical fight describe what happened, fight, conflict
name a favorite body of water why, water, lake, ocean, vacations
how did you react to the death of president kennedy, death, kennedy, presidents, assassinations
one wish right now what would it be, wishes
is there anything you have always wanted to do but haven’t, goals, achievement
what keeps you up at night, night, dreams, fear
who was your most influential teacher or mentor, influence, teacher, mentor, educator, hero
coffee or tea beer or wine sweet or salty, coffee, tea, beer, wine, sweet, salty
have you ever been hospitalized if so what for, hospital, sick, health
your last supper what would you want it to be, meals, food, supper, final
what was your favorite subject in school and why, school, education, subjects, academics, academia, learning
what makes you cry, cry, tears, sadness, depression
if you knew you could not fail what would you begin, failure, success
who is the oldest person you remember as a child, age, elderly, seniors
are you a political person describe your leanings, politics, washington, dc
what are three things you simply can't do without, needs
what were your favorite childhood games, childhood, youth, children, games, toys
what is your why, purpose, direction, goals, vision, mission
what was the most significant thing invented in your lifetime, inventions, creativity, creations, create, build
describe a time when you felt lonely, sad, depressed, alone, solo
what actor or actress would play you in a movie about your life, movies, actor, actress, film
what is something you are proud of, pride
are you as physically active as you would like to be, physical activity, athletics, sports, exercise, lifestyle
what were you like as a teenager, youth, personality
tell me a joke, humor, jokes, laughter
best vacation you have ever taken why, travel, getaway, world, globe, country, states
describe a time when you felt free, freedom
when did you know you would not turn back despite the challenge, overcoming, obstacles
tell me something most people wouldn't know about you, unexpected, revealing
wow did you propose to your spouse or how were you proposed to, spouse, husband, wife, proposal, propose
what did you have for breakfast this morning, food, mornings
describe something memorable from a past birthday, occasion, memory, reflection
what would the title of your book be, author, reading, writing
describe a time when you felt lost, missing
how were are you challenged as a parent, parenting, children, kids
do you have any pet peeves, annoy, irk
have you ever lost an important object, loss, lost, object
can you remember any nighttime dreams from when you were young, dreams, young, night
name a band or artist that you enjoy listening to why, music, artists, bands
name a person who has influenced you How so, influence, mentor, heroes
what is a value that is core to your being, values, ideals, beliefs
were your parent's strict when you were young How so, parents, parenting, strictness
if you could be any age what would it be why, age, reflection, time
what is a saying that you like, why, saying, values, ideals
what is your favorite least favorite body part, anatomy, self-image
what makes you laugh, humor, laughter, jokes
What is a great memory you have of summer from when you were young, summer, youth, memories